Wednesday, July 13, 2016

***It Depends on U***

***It Depends on U***
Every one is getting confused about religion in Myanmar.
don't want to miss such as the Buddha way but there're several results for it ***it depends on you***

In this case, which religion is right or wrong in Myanmar?
if you decide them, the result will be different because every one is not the same religion *** it depends on you***

That's. so, do with the best for your life and others' lives following by (the Buddha's way).
be following or not with the Buddha way***it depends on you***

One of many sites online, please visit The Dhamma Download Site.

if you are following the Buddha way, your aim in life will become to research မဂ္ဖိုလ္ နိဗၺာန္.
Else, you will be life cycle looping.
*** It depends on you ***

Let me say "I am Buddhism"
Thank you 
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