Friday, September 23, 2016

How to Remove Powered by Blogger – Attribution Widget?

In this article, I will be demonstrating how to remove or hide attribution widget ‘Powered by Blogger’ in footer of blogger blogspot blogs. Before going to the process, backup your blogger template, while editing html code if anything goes wrong or template modified design doesn’t work or looks good you can restore from backed up template.
Here I have demonstrated you two methods for removing attribution widget. Some blogger templates may not support method 1 then you need to follow method 2 for successfully removing attribution widget.

Method 1: Remove ‘Powered by Blogger’ by unlocking Attribution widget

Step 1 : Go to your blog “Template” | click on “Edit HTML”.
click on edit html for modifying blogspot code
Step 2 : Here on drop-down “jump to widget” option and select Attribution 1 as shown below
jump to widget Attribution1 for modifying the footer credits in blogger
Step 3: After selecting Attribution 1 widget you will be able to see this line
<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’> 
on your blogger template.
In html editor find attribution 1 locked widget
Step 4: Replace the locked=’true’ with locked=’false’ as you can in picture highlighted
In html editor replace true with false for removing powered by blogger
Step 5: Once done click on ‘Save template’.
Step 6 : Now go to layout option and at the below you can see attribution gadget, click edit you will be able to see new pop up window, click on remove button. that’s it you are done.
remove attribution widget using html editor
Some people told me that method 1 is not working in some blogger templates, then the alternative solution for this is to hide attribution widget by using adding CSS code method.

Method 2: Hide Attribution widget by adding CSS code.

Follow the same step 1 as mention above in method 1.
Step 2: Search this line of code
body {
in your blogger template, for quick finding Hit CTRL+F
method for removing powered by blogger
Add this line of code
#Attribution1 {display: none;}
above the body { code, as shown in the below picture.
method for hiding attribution widget by adding display css code
Save template and view your blog, you will be no longer able to see attribution widget in footer of your blogspot blog.
Removing this attribution widget will add professional look to your blog.
Hope any one of this method worked for your blog on removing footer credits ‘attribution widget’.

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