Monday, June 11, 2018

Songs in Cd SHOWS 1KB AND cant play them after copying them to pc

Hi i want to copy some music files from a Cd , But it shows ikb each song only , and after copying if i try to play its not getting through . i think the cd is right protected can i have some software which can split songs and i can be able to copy and play on my pc ? 
Kindly Advice  Regards

Solved solution:

irectory info as suggested or really the links to the songs.  Windows won't show you the actual music files.

You can use Isobuster see the actual CD contents to pull the music files off.  But be warned they are huge.  You could be looking at 30 Mb or larger files.

Best to rip and convert to something else.

Most accurate ripper and converter would be 




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