Sunday, May 19, 2019

Disable A Certain Key In Your Keyboard

The 'Alternate' (Alt) key of my friend's notebook keyboard got stuck. So, when he presses A, the computer accepts it as Alt + A. The immediate solution that I can think, is to disable the key.
I find that it's not hard to disable a key. Here's how to do it:
  1. Download MapKeyboard from (27KB only)
  2. Uncompress it, then open the MapKeyboard.exe (not installation is required)
  3. A virtual key board will show up.
  4. Click on the key that you want to disable. For my case, I click on RAlt to disable right Alt key.
  5. Then at "Remap selected key to:", select "Disabled".
  6. Finally, click "Save layout" and reboot the PC
If you failed to start the program, you will need to install Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.
I think this can be useful, especially for some gamers who would like to disable the Windows key for you-know-what reason.
Besides disabling a certain key, the program can map keys as well.
Hope you find it useful too.
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